Now That’s What I Call Focus

Zoey has an impressive ability to focus. She has been known to have an attention span that would be surprising in a child twice her age. She has also been known to chime in from the back seat of the car while I’m driving with a stern, “Focus, Mommy! Focus!”

Here’s a funny example from this past weekend of Zoey setting her mind on a goal and not letting go:

We occasionally frequently bribe Zoey into finishing her dinner (or at least eating more than a mouse would) with promises of treats. Chocolate is a big motivator (we discovered this magical tool when potty training). So on Sunday night she was promised chocolate if she finished her meal, which she did. She then promptly forgot about the reward and ran off to play. A short while later, when she was told it was time to clean up and put away toys, Zoey asked to have her chocolate. Zach responded with, “First help put away toys, then ask me again.”

For the next five minutes we were cleaning up and putting away with lots of direction given from me. After the last toy was stacked on a shelf I told her, “Good job Zoey! We’re all done.” She replied with a sing-songy voice, “Not ye-et! One more thing!”

“One more thing?” I asked.

“Chocolate!” was her enthusiastic reply.

Man I love that kid.


5 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call Focus

  1. Haha, the fact that she tells you to focus made me laugh out loud sitting here at my computer! I love it! My husband and I used M&M’s to help/bribe our 2 children while we were potty training. πŸ™‚ It worked pretty good. Oh, and we totally bribed my daughter with a KitKat to get her first steps on video, and it worked too!!!

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