A Family Weekend

May was a busy month for us, and I didn’t get to see my parents for quite awhile. Usually we manage to see them at least twice a month, which all of us enjoy. This past month, however, we spent a week in California followed by the “cold of unconfirmed but highly probable plague origins” that took it’s toll on Zach, Zoey and Eleanor for more than two weeks. (How I managed to escape it is a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes). At the same time, my parents took a long trip to Southern California and Nevada to take care of some family things. This included a visit to my Great Aunt and Uncle. I tell you what, I don’t know if there are two kinder people in this world than those two.

This past Sunday my parents drove up and spent the day with us as a belated Mother’s Day / early Father’s Day joint celebration. They brought with them a really amazing gift sent along from my Great Aunt and Uncle.

Ellie Radio Flyer Trike

Zoey Radio Flyer Trike

A candy-apple red, fully restored vintage tricycle. The girls love it. And so do we, truth be told. It’s perfect! The seat even adjusts up and down so that Zach was able to make it just the right height for Zoey to reach the peddles. She’s been practicing in our living room and is getting quite good. Thank you Richard and Val! You did such a wonderful job restoring it! I’m sure it will bring our kids joy for many years.

We spent a lovely afternoon out in the yard, made a pizza for dinner and then went for a walk around the neighborhood with my parents. Zoey really loves these little after-dinner “nature walks.”

Saying hello to Grandpa
Saying hello to Grandpa
I get to see out this time! Yay!
I get to see out this time! Yay!
Let's go for a walk, Grandma!
Zoey made sure she didn’t forget the keys.
Walking with Grandma
Walking with Grandma
Married for 41 years
Married for 41 years

2 thoughts on “A Family Weekend

  1. So much to love about this post, eh? Your parents holding hands…oh my gosh. Hubby and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary (Tuesday) and we look forward to hitting 41!!! And that picture of Ellie and dad…oh geez…can her eyes GET any prettier (in 15 years your hubby may not like the answer to that question)? ;oD

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