Why I Love Washington Beaches

When you think of going to “the beach” for Memorial Day, you probably don’t think of Washington beaches. They are gray, rocky and cold.

The Puget Sound

A heron looking for his lunch

Even on the best weather day (which is usually somewhere in the mid ’70’s) the wind is still quite chilly and almost always blowing. The water is always too cold for all but the bravest of divers with full scuba gear and dry suits. But we we have something the sunny, warm, sandy beaches of more southern climates don’t: tide pools.

Searching for treasures

We ventured out – despite the drizzle, because we be true Seattleites – and visited a local Puget Sound beach during low tide. We saw so many amazing things!

Starfish, which are apparently now known as Sea Stars

A huge cluster of sea snails – moonsnails, periwinkles and dog whelks.

Red sea cucumbers

Zoey had a blast, roaming free on the beaches, collecting treasures in her plastic pail. She truly loves having freedom to explore and I could see the little scientist in her lighting up.


There were Beach Naturalists from the Seattle Aquarium out on the beach to guide and teach anyone who wanted to learn. It was a really great experience for us, although their explanations seemed to be a bit over the heads of most of the children.


Zoey got quite attached to a particular little rock with a barnacle on it (among the many thousands of other barnacled rocks just like it). He came home with us.

I’m guessing this red rock crab suffered “death by barnacle.”

See the large Dungeness crab hiding under there?

We will definitely be taking more ventures to do this again!

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