May Photo Challenge: Week 4

Ok, here we go, week 4 of the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day challenge!

May 20: Light

Our next-door neighbors recently installed solar panels on their roof, allowing them to turn light into energy. I’m pretty “green” with envy. (See what I did there? Eco-friendly humor. I’m so awesome.)

May 21: I Care About This

No caption needed.

May 22: Change

The lush, cold, wet, gray-skied, green-ness of Seattle is a big change from California last week. I, for one, actually love it.

May 23: PJ’s

Sitting on the couch in my PJ’s, watching TV and devouring freshly-baked Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies.

May 24: Go

Ok, I have to admit: I cheated on this one. Rather than a picture, this is actually just a screenshot. The thing is, I haven’t been able to GO anywhere for days with Zach and Zoey sick. But I’m hoping to take the kids to go see some tide pools over the long weekend.

May 25: Us

I kind of love this one. Zach and Zoey have been sick with the plague TB monkey-flu some horrible germ for a full week. By some miraculous alignment of the planets, Eleanor and I have not gotten sick (I say miraculous because, seriously, I have an immune system that rivals AIDS patients. It’s ridiculous). Basically, it’s us against them in the battle for survival here in Clegg house.

May 26: Fave Thing To Do On Sunday

Sleep in late of course! Especially after a week of doing 100% of the parenting 98% of the time while Zach was out of town and then dying of something that the CDC should have quarantined him for sick.

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