I Wanna Go To Rehab

Ohmahgawd. Seriously you guys. Know that saying about needing a vacation from your vacation? Well I need rehab from my vacation. These Cleggers man. Awesome, fun, loving, exhausting people. I love them to death but, seriously, do you guys keep up this pace all the time? How are you still alive?!?!

So, I promise to fill you all in on our awesome family vacation (because who doesn’t like looking at pictures from distant relative’s/stranger’s family vacations??) as soon as I feel like I can function without heavy doses of ibuprofen and my eyelid stops twitching it’s demands for caffeine.

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of my “always adorable and perfectly behaved would never throw temper tantrums on airplanes or at star-studded USC graduation ceremonies” children.

Beautiful Zoey

Rocker Zoey. She’s a natural.

Eleanor will be joining me in rehab. Clearly, she has OD’d on toys. Poor kid can’t even hold herself upright anymore. I blame her parents.

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