May Photo Challenge: Week 3

May 13: Sunrise/Sunset


The weather was crazy this day – wind, hail, rain, clouds, thunder and lightning, sunshine and rainbows – so I wasn’t sure I would even be able to get a sunset picture. (It goes without saying there was no way I would be awake for a sunrise picture). Just at sunset, though, the clouds cleared a bit and I was able to get this one from our front porch.

May 14: Need


I needed to finish all our packing so we could leave for California the next day. Turns out, the amount of baggage you carry with you exponentially increases with each child you have.

May 15: 7 o’clock


If you caught my frustrated post, you’ll know that at 7pm we were supposed to be touching down at LAX. Instead, our flight was delayed by over two hours. More frustrations coming soon on that front.

May 16: Mailbox


The snazzy old mail drop at the historic Biltmore hotel we stayed at for a couple nights.

May 17: Season


It’s always the right season for love.

May 18: Want


I want these cousins to always be such good friends. They just adore each other now and have a wonderful bond.

May 19: My Favorite View


This is a view of my hometown, Seattle, as seen through the windshield of our car. We were on our way home from the airport of a very fun but exhausting vacation in California. I’m always so glad to come home again.

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