Operation: Entertain Toddler in Airport

Flight delayed. Two little words that can totally mess with your day. We had it planned all perfectly: arrived at the airport and all checked in with just 45 minutes until our flight was scheduled to take off. The perfect amount of time to use the bathrooms, let the kiddos burn a little energy and then board the plane. The timing was just right so that Eleanor would nap for at least one leg of the flight, and Zoey would be tired enough from skipping her nap that she would sit calmly, but not be at critical meltdown point yet. We would get to California and check into our hotel just in time for bedtime. Perfect.

And then: flight delayed. In a screen full of ON TIME on every other flight, ours is two hours late.

So here we sit. Eating expensive airport food. Making puppets out of paper bags the food came in to entertain a really bored and slightly fussy toddler. With a baby passed out asleep in the Ergo on my back (read: a baby who will be WIDE awake for the whole flight).

And the roof is leaking on the chair next to me. *sigh.* Vacations sure are different when you have kids.

To be continued in California…


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