Don’t Go Up In the Space Needle

If you grow up in the Seattle area, it’s almost a guarantee that you will read The Wheedle on the Needle at some point. It’s this awesome kids’ book from the ’70’s about a big orange creature that lives on top of the Space Needle. Basically, he sleeps all the time and when he does his nose blinks red. This is the red blinking light you see at night on top of the Needle. I loved this story as a kid and Zoey feels the same. Recently, a sequel to the story came out called The Wheedle and the Noodle. While I personally don’t find it quite as magical as the original, Zoey is thoroughly enchanted. Probably because it contains not one, but two lovable furry creatures (spoiler alert: the Wheedle adopts a cat).

Anyway, ever since I read Zoey these books a few weeks back she has been constantly repeating, “Don’t go up in the Space Needle, Mommy!” in a teasing, sing-song voice. You know the voice. The one that says “Don’t you tickle me!” when what they really want is for you to come tickle them until they can hardly breathe because they are laughing so hard. That voice. The thing is, I have no idea where this particular phrase came from. It’s not in the book. It makes absolutely no sense in any context I can come up with. And she says it all day long. EVERY day.

So…on Mother’s Day we took her to the Space Needle. Her eyes lit up when we told her we were going there, and she brought her toy stuffed Wheedle along for the trip. And no, we did not “go up in the Space Needle.” She would have liked to, actually, but it’s a bit pricey and we were running late for food and naps. So we took her inside the gift shop at the bottom of the Needle and told her (in really excited voices) “Look! We’re inside the Space Needle.”

Am Mother of the Year. Am awesome. Am lucky she’s only two years old so I could still get away with that. Barely.

Refusing to smile because she knows I’m taking a picture

Chasing the pigeons in Seattle Center

How did you spend your Mother’s Day?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Go Up In the Space Needle

    1. You definitely should. Seattle is full of fun stuff to see and do and is very kid friendly. Let me know if you ever take a trip here and want ideas of what to see. 🙂

    1. Haha, sorry about that! I don’t think there’s anything to Google – she just made it up! I’ll have to try to catch her saying it on video to share.

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