May Photo Challenge – Week 2

May 6: Broken

This is a play tent I got secondhand for free. It has holes in it and the stakes are missing, but the kiddos sure don’t seem to mind. Especially on hot sunny days like we’ve been having lately.


May 7: Something beginning with F

Flowers! This is a Western Rhododendron. It is the official flower for Washington State and they are all over the place around here. They always remind me of my mom. During the summers when we were kids we could always find her out in the yard watering her “rhodies” at the end of a hot day.


May 8: Shape

There were all kinds of shapes at the park where our PEPS group met to play.


May 9: A snack

The picture speaks for itself.


May 10: Stars

This is my favorite of our baby onesies and BabyLegs. Everything about them screams 80’s and Rainbow Brite to me which, basically, makes my soul turn cartwheels.


May 11: A smile

A shared moment between sisters that I managed to catch on camera. These two can make each other smile and laugh like no one else can. It melts my heart every time.


May 12: Mother

I was delivered breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. It was beautiful, luxurious and, above all, delicious. Especially the bacon.


5 thoughts on “May Photo Challenge – Week 2

  1. Shenoah, the Seattle CHildren’s Museum is attempting to find contact information for you connected to your entry in our Mother’s Day Membership drawing. Please message us on facebook or email before the end of the day on May 13, 2013.

  2. The Seattle Children’s Museum is attempting to reach you in connecting with your entry for the Mother’s Day Membership Drawing. Please message us on Facebook or email before the end of business on May 13, 2013.

  3. I love all your pictures! The flowers are gorgeous and I love the tent too! My kids want me to build tents daily, but it seems harder than when I was little. My sister and I built some really good ones. 🙂

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