Something Is Seriously Wrong Here…

…but it’s kind of nice! It has been downright GORGEOUS around here lately, folks. As in hot. Almost too hot. Almost “center of the Earth” hot. Like 80 degrees.

Ok, ok, before you start rolling your eyes and laughing at me, let me remind you: I live in Seattle. Seattle. Yes, that place, the one with all the rain. And grayness. 55 and cloudy on a semi-permanent basis. And yes, I like it that way. I like that our summers max out at around 74 degrees, with a nice ocean breeze blowing by to cool things down. 80 degrees is just a mite too warm for this Pacific North-Westerner. This seems to be happening more often, too. Don’t even get me started on how I felt about the record-breaking 95+ degree weather we had the entire week while I was in labor with Eleanor (for 60 hours!) (At home!) In case you are wondering, no, we do not have air conditioning. Just as probably 80% of the rest of Western Washingtonians do not have air conditioning. We would only use it about 3 days out of the year, so what’s the point?

Anyway, I’ve managed to really digress and ramble. The point is, SUNSHINE! Big bright shiny thing in the sky! Warmth! Where are the sunglasses? And where did I put the sunblock???

20130507-140810.jpg Eleanor rocking the “woolie pants”

Zoey’s first mani/pedi

Traveling the backyard in an uncovered wagon. Go team Radio Flyer!



*For the safety of everyone, there will be no pictures posted of me in shorts or swimsuits at this time. The paleness of my skin is so extreme that the reflecting sun has been known to cause blindness and inadvertently signal airplanes to land in backyards. My apologies to all.

4 thoughts on “Something Is Seriously Wrong Here…

  1. It’s like that here in Vermont all the way across the country and it’s awesome!!! I too am stark white, but you’ll have that in early May, ya know? We’ll get more color as the summer progresses:) Speaking of mani-pedi’s…..I seriously need to groom my toes for this weather!!!

    1. so true…except the part about getting more color. Sadly, Casper the Friendly Ghost is apparently my permanent shade. Unless I opt for Lobster. sigh.

  2. We didn’t gradually break into this “hot” weather either! It went from winter coats one day to me scrambling to find shorts and t-shirts that fit everyone! And then the mad rush to find all of the “summer toys!!”

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