Toddler Attack

I may have mentioned before that Zoey occasionally likes to tackle Eleanor. Despite our best efforts to nip this behavior in the bud, it continues.

Exhibit A:


That mark dangerously close to Eleanor’s eye is a week old and due to an empty thread spool. Zoey tackled Eleanor and was smashing her face down onto the spool for several moments – despite Eleanor’s horrific screams – before we could get Zoey off and rescue poor Ellie.

Moments like this make me think really deep thoughts like “God help us if we ever have boys.”

6 thoughts on “Toddler Attack

  1. G$ apparently spent more of Friday at the sitters in time out than he did a free toddler because he pinned a girl down and was bashing her head with a toy. Yesterday, he was much better but then at the end of the day decided to bop his older brother in the head with a block. The other two kids have always been so peaceful and this third one is just so not so peaceful. How does that happen? Where is he learning this crap?!

  2. Phew, I’m glad I’m not the only parent with kids who have inexplicable violent urges. My boys are the ripe old age of 11 months and are hitting eachother in the face with toy hammers (!!) and tackling eachother for rights to the tv remote (it starts early with men I guess).

    1. oh gosh! Hilarious! Unfortunately, it only gets worse when they KNOW they are causing pain and do it ANYWAY even though you JUST told them to cut it out! On the bright side, the hugs and kisses are deliberate and frequent too, so there’s that.

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