May Photo Challenge: Week 1

Ok, here goes! The photos from the first week of May, all cropped down and tucked into one neat little photo package for you. Your welcome and happy Monday, ya’ll.

May 1: I bought this!

This is a cutting board I got in Costa Rica. It was my one and only international adventure before I got married and started popping out babies. I went with my mom – who also happens to be my best friend – and it was seriously the trip of a lifetime. I’ll tell ya’ll about it someday.

May 2: Morning ritual

A little bit of quiet snuggle time while I nurse Eleanor, before Zoey wakes up and chaos takes hold of the day.

May 3: This is really good!

I couldn’t resist trying to give Eleanor her first hairdo. I managed to capture her reaction, which was just priceless.

May 4: In my cup

Zach made us smoothies for breakfast Saturday morning, and I drank mine from a vintage Muppets glass. I’ve had this glass since I was a very little kid.

May 5: Paper

My stack of “to-read” books. For some reason this stack always seems to get bigger and never any smaller…


Have any of you decided to join in the photo challenge fun? I’d love to see your pictures! Feel free to share a link in the comments.

3 thoughts on “May Photo Challenge: Week 1

    1. Thanks Michelle! Yeah, it’s generally the calmest time of my day and she’s so happy and smiley in the morning that it really is just such a sweet time for us both. 🙂 I plan to continue it as long as possible!

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