Photo A Day

Have you all heard of Fat Mum Slim? It’s a fabulous blog by a fabulous Australian Mama. Anyway, she does this “Photo A Day” challenge. You take pictures – with a real camera, a cell phone, whatever works for you. Then you post these pictures on her Facebook page or post and tag them in Instagram.

I’ve tried doing it a couple of times and really enjoy it. I always seem to taper off somewhere around mid-month though. I just get too busy with the every day hustle and bustle of two kids, a husband, way too much laundry, pretending I know how to cook…you know, life. But I really do enjoy it. It sparks some little creative center in my brain. Some small part of me – a couple of cells at least – that isn’t all about being a mommy and wife.

So, it’s May now and a new month of challenges is up. And I’m going to do it. I’m committing, right here and now, to doing every day of the May challenge. Each week I’ll post my photos from the week here on this ol’ blog for you all to see. They will likely be boring, somewhat blurry, and too often feature my children. But I’m going to do it anyway. Feel free to offer constructive criticism (but nothing mean. I’m emotionally fragile, you know). If you want, join in the fun with me!

You can find Momsasaurus on Instagram and Facebook if you want to follow along with me each day.


Photo is a screenshot from the Fat Mum Slim blog. All rights belong to that awesome blog goddess.

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