Mom, What’s A Land Line?

One thing I insist upon having is a land line telephone. It comes bundled with our TV and internet package anyway, so I didn’t have to fight too hard for it, but I would if it didn’t. I know a lot of people choose to just have cell phones now, and that works for them. Having children, however, has firmly convinced me that a land line is a necessity. You know how I love to make lists (!!) so here are my reasons:

1) Babysitters. Truly, my number one reason. If somebody gets injured or is choking or having a life-threatening allergic reaction or any of about one million and two other possibly reasons for calling 911 when there are small children, people tend to get flustered. This includes babysitters. I do NOT want time wasted before help arrives while the babysitter tries to remember our address or find where I posted it on the fridge. What if the babysitter is injured and can’t get to the fridge? What if the babysitter can’t even call 911 and it’s one of the kids who has to do it, but she can’t remember or is too little still to know our address? (Yes, I do plan on teaching my children how and when to call 911 at a very young age). It’s a myth that 911 operators can always – or even usually – find your location by your cell phone. In fact, very often, they cannot.

2) Power outages. Where I live, we get windstorms. There are also a lot of trees. Wind + trees = downed power lines. There were many times as a child that we were without power for up to a week. I don’t know about your cell, but my iphone sure doesn’t hold a charge that long. Land lines, however, run off power from the cable and still work in a power outage (not cordless ones though). They are also less likely to have “all circuits busy” during a big storm or other situation when everyone is trying to call loved ones and check in on them.

3) The family phone. I like the idea of one central phone number for contacting all members of the family. Contrary to what is quickly becoming the norm, I do not intend to allow my kids to have their own cell phones at the age of twelve or thirteen. I don’t see enough compelling reasons to do so, and do see too many negative results of allowing it. With a home phone, we parents get to know who is calling, when and how often. There is no free-roaming of the internet, no texting and no camera. These are all things I like when it comes to my children and phone usage.

4) Nostalgia. I just like it. So there.

5) So my kids won’t ever point to a real phone and ask, “What’s that thing?”


What do you think? Does your family have a land line phone? Why or why not? What other “archaic” things has your family preserved?

4 thoughts on “Mom, What’s A Land Line?

  1. We have one that I can’t get myself to let go of for whatever reason. If you call 911 from a cell phone, the emergency workers won’t know exactly where you are, whereas if you call from your home phone, don’t say a word and disconnect right away, they’ll show up at your door ASAP!

  2. I had never thought of the 9-1-1 angle. You are dead on. I also love the “nostalgia” reason. Same reason I still have a cast iron skillet. I really do use it, but it’s a pain…worth every boiling moment, too! ;oD In fact, I need to wash my pioneer dress right now…

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