The Debate That Will Never Resolve

Going through all these “firsts” with Eleanor has me remember a lot of Zoey’s milestones. I so wish I had started this blog back then so that I would have all those little details written somewhere. There is some debate as to what, exactly, Zoey’s first word was. I have witnesses that Zoey’s first word was “Mama”, so I’m holding out that I’m right. Zach insists she actually said “Dada” a few weeks earlier. While I agree that Zoey was definitely saying the “dadadada” sound, I don’t actually recall her looking right at him and saying the word “Dada” like she knew what it meant. Here’s what I do remember:

It was May and Zoey was eight months old. We took a trip to see Zach’s sister who was graduating from college in Virginia.

She's totally carry-on size.
She’s totally carry-on size.

I had never been to the East Coast before (and neither had Zoey, of course) so we decided to visit a lot of “the sights”. It was early evening and we were walking along the boardwalk by the Atlantic Ocean in Virgina. Zach’s whole family was there: his parents and all four sisters, a brother-in-law, both nieces and a nephew four months younger than Zoey. Zach had Zoey strapped into the Bjorn carrier so that she could see everything but still have the comfort of being carried (Personally, I much prefer the Ergo. The Bjorn kills my back).

A picture from the infamous moment!
A picture from the infamous moment!

I had been walking behind Zach, pushing the empty stroller, and came around in front of him. The moment I was in front of him and Zoey we heard a very distinct, “Mama!” and I whipped around to see her reaching out her arms right at me. Zach’s mom heard it, and I believe one or two of his sisters did as well. Witnesses. Thus, I win. Plus, I’m the one who records things in the girls’ baby books so Zoey’s official record is that “mama” was the first word. Again, I win.

Honestly, though, even if “Dada” was actually Zoey’s first word (which I concede there is a small possibility it might have been) nothing can take away the beautiful magic of that moment for me. The very first moment I truly became “Mama.” I remember it very vividly, right down to the darling, sweet little voice Zoey said it with and the happy smile on her face.


What was your kid’s first word? What about the first time s/he said “mama” or “dada?”

6 thoughts on “The Debate That Will Never Resolve

  1. I love the picture of her in the carrier! That is absolutely precious! It’s terrible but I can not remember what my middle child’s first word was…I have it written down in his baby book though. I know my oldest daughter’s first words were Hi! and banana and my youngest said dance and Iris (his sister’s name) as his first words!

  2. I think my youngest said no as a first word and hasn’t said much else since. He’s never said dadda or daddy and in fact, calls me momma just as though he’s talking to my wife.

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