Eleanor At 8 Months Old

Sweet Little Ellie-Bug,

Oh my! The things you can do!

You love to eat, but prefer things you can finger-feed to yourself. Gerber toddler melts are one of your favorites, but you certainly aren’t one to turn down a handful of Cheerios or a Mum-Mum. We can spoon-feed you baby food as long as you have some fascinating object in your hands to keep you interested. You love to finish off dinner with a Zoli cup of breastmilk – usually 2-4 ounces that mom slaved over a pump all day to produce in between nursing you.

You pull up to stand on everything – even lightweight things that can’t support you and topple you to the floor. You don’t usually cry though; just stare up and blink for a moment and then you are right back at it. You cruise between the toddler table and the couch. You love to hold on to the outside of your baby walker and push it around the living room. When you are actually in the walker, boy, can you cruise!

You still haven’t figured out this napping thing. Sometimes it’s only thirty minutes, other times an hour. Very rarely up to two hours. Your nighttime sleep has gotten a lot better though. There have been a handful of nights recently where I’ve only had to get up to nurse you once all night long! In the mornings you still greet me with the most adorable, full-faced, beaming smile I have ever seen. You seem to radiate joy sometimes.

You clap. You know and use the signs for milk, more, eat and “all done.” You say Mama and Dada regularly. I’m also 90% sure you say “hi” and possibly also “hello.” At least it sounds a lot like “hello.”

I can’t believe how soon you’re going to be walking, talking and celebrating your first birthday. I want to beg time to slow down – just a bit – so I can enjoy your darling baby-ness just a little bit longer. For now I’m just going to soak in every coo and cuddle and try to memorize the exact feel of your warm, sleeping body in my arms as I nurse you.

Happy eight months, Eleanor. I love you.

2 thoughts on “Eleanor At 8 Months Old

  1. I love that you are marking these milestones! I was sooo the opposite in regards to naptime…my second grade teacher told my mom I had to stop napping! Thank you for helping me remember that!

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