Dear Zoey and Eleanor,

Although you do not know it, something terrible happened yesterday. Something heartbreaking and cruel. Someone hurt a lot of people and, even if we find out who, we may never really know why. My sweet girls, you know nothing of the evil, the bad and the cruelty in this world. I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible. Someday though, I will have to find a way to explain to you about the people who make bad decisions, the people who choose to do bad things. I’m not sure how I will ever do that. I want you to always believe in the good in this world, the good in other people. Even more than that, I want you to take your own good out into the world and share it. I don’t know what kind of world I will be sending you out into. All I know is that, however many people were a part of this horrible thing that happened, they were far outnumbered by the people who ran to help, the emergency workers and nurses and doctors who did their best to heal those who were hurt, the hundreds of thousands of people who cried along with the people of Boston and sent their love, encouragement and support. For all the bad in this world there is so much more good. You both are a part of that good and every day you add to it. Never forget that. Be the good that you want others to be and you will be surprised by how many follow your example. And never, never, give up on trusting in love and kindness. They will always be there, even in the darkest moments, to help us see the light again.



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