That’s So Pinteresting: Baby & Toddler Leggings

You know how there’s all that really awesome, inspiring, whimsical, do it yourself goodness on Pinterest? How that site can literally suck you into an internet craftspiration black hole for hours? Then you try to actually do some of the things you’ve pinned and the results are…underwhelming? Yeah, same story here. But today I have a Pinterest win to share! It has inspired me to start a new, regularly occurring (I hope) segment here on Momsasaurus (segment? What am I, The Daily Show?) called “That’s So Pinteresting.” Anytime I complete a pin and am actually happy with the results, I’ll share it here. Maybe I’ll share some of the less successful pins too, in case it helps warn somebody off from wasting precious time. Time that could be spent sleeping. Or drinking wine. Or doing just about anything other than creating Pinterest fails.

Anyhoo, on with the win!

I made toddler leggings! I had a bunch of really cute knee socks withering away from disuse due to holes in the heels and/or toes. When I stumbled upon upcycled baby leggings, I got super excited to try it out. (All credit goes to the genius mind behind Love Bug Living.) I LOVE baby leggings, and use them constantly on Zoey and Eleanor. Our favorite brand is BabyLegs (a Seattle-based company! Yay for supporting local businesses!) but with me being out of work, we’ve had to seriously curb my pint-sized sidekick accessorizing budget. I also happen to be a big fan of upcycling (repurposing used things into new, different things), so this project really grabbed my attention.

Here’s the finished product:


Awesome, yes? It was so easy, I churned out these four pairs in half an hour. Granted, that was without the kids clambering for attention and crawling all over me. (yay for “me time!” Thanks hubby!) So be sure to budget extra time if you don’t have a babysitter or can’t use the sewing machine while the kids are asleep.

To paraphrase: Now you sew. And sewing is half the battle.

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