The Sweetest Sound

Why, exactly, was this Easter the best one ever for me? Well, aside from all the fun activities and joy of seeing Zoey really “experience” Easter for the first time, I got a special little treat. Eleanor said her first word.


Mama mama mamamamama mama.

Over and over again all morning, looking straight at me and reaching out her little arms to me.

Hold on a second, need to go restart my heart that just exploded with baby love.

Ok, I’m good. Seriously, that one little word, said in a sweet baby voice, just might be the absolute best sound in the whole world. She knows me, knows who I am, she is calling for me. It’s such a short-lived experience too. All too soon that “mama” spontaneously morphs into “mommy.” Already, Zoey throws out “Mom” here and there just to give me more gray hair. When Zoey first said “Mommy” I thought it was so sweet, so cute. It was, but little did I know that it heralded the end of the oh so adorable “Mama.” The way Zoey used to say it, she sounded almost like she had an accent, like a sweet little English girl. Adorable.

And here I am again: hearing a sweet baby girl call me “Mama” while smiling and reaching for me. There really is nothing better.

Eleanor had another new experience this weekend too: grass!
Eleanor had another new experience this weekend too: grass!

2 thoughts on “The Sweetest Sound

  1. My toddler calls me momma just as sure as he’ll call a horse or a rabbit or an elephant our dog’s name. All four legged animals are Jojos. It’s pretty cute sounding, yes, unfortunately, I’m dadda and he refuses to even try that word.

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