Easter Weekend + Sunshine = ….

A whole lot of fun for us!

We started out our holiday weekend at – where else? – the zoo. On Saturday morning they held their annual Bunny Bounce with Easter egg hunts for all the kiddos and Easter themed treats and “enrichment” games for the animals. A friend of ours had ACL repair surgery on Friday so we picked up her son to take with us.

First stop was the 1-3 year olds’ egg hunt. Basically they herd us all into a fenced in area, toss about five hundred plastic eggs on the ground and say “Have at it.” It. Was. Hilarious. Zoey “found” an egg right away (it was impossible not too!) and was so proud of herself. It happened to be a pink egg, and she then proceeded to scour the grounds to find only other pink eggs. The look of determination on her face was priceless.

Zoey's hoard of pink eggs
Zoey’s hoard of pink eggs

When their baskets were full, the kids dumped their eggs into ahuge bins (so the zoo staff could immediately chuck them out on the ground again) and went off in search of more eggs. The second time around Zoey went for all blue. It was a ridiculous cycle in which every step was a reward for those kiddos. Seriously, there were about a hundred really happy toddlers in there.

So much fun.
So much fun.

After the kids had gone a few rounds with the eggs we went off to see some animals. We watched the orangutans rip into Easter baskets full of fruit treats frozen into the shape of eggs and the otters play with a floating ball that looked like an Easter egg. The bears were out lumbering around and thrilling the zoo goers. We danced with Radio Disney’s staff at lunch time. It really was an awesome day and we wore out the kiddos and ourselves by noon.

On Easter morning Zach and I both went down to Zoey’s room together when we heard her wake up. We told it was Easter and explained that the Easter Bunny came while she was sleeping and brought her an Easter basket and hid eggs for her to find. Would she like to go find them? “A basket for me?” Yes. “A big one?” Laughing, come see! She was ecstatic about her basket and immediately unwrapped her chocolate bunny to take a big chomp out of the ears (how do they know to go for the ears?). She then devoured her first ever jelly beans and pronounced them delicious before finding the Winnie the Pooh puzzles, bike horn and hair bow that were also in her basket. While she was finding her Easter eggs Eleanor woke up and Zoey was quite excited to “help” Ellie discover the goodies in her basket as well. Turns out the Easter Bunny is pretty smart: in place of chocolate there was a stuffed bunny and instead of jelly beans, Ellie’s eggs were full of Gerber fruit and veggie melts. There was also a bumblebee bath puppet and a board book called “Ellie’s Tea Party.” How fitting!

After breakfast, we packed up and headed to my parents’ house. On the drive there, Zoey kept saying. “Grandma loves me. Grandpa loves me. I love Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you for taking me to Grandma and Grandpa’s house Mommy!” The weather was gorgeous and we had a lot of fun playing outside in the huge yard. Zoey could spend forever playing with the rocks in the gravel driveway! There was a delicious ham dinner to end the best Easter I can ever remember having.

Swinging with Grandma and Grandpa
Swinging with Grandma and Grandpa
Ellie's smirk is the best
Ellie’s smirk is the best

Check out the Momsasaurus facebook page to see lots more pictures of our holiday. It was a blast!

2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend + Sunshine = ….

  1. Ellie’s smirk IS the best. That’s a darned keeper, for sure! Zoey (I LOVE that name and I KNOW my anonymous approval is the reason you named her that) made ME excited for Easter, all over again. And that gratitude for you taking her to grandma and grandpa’s…ohhh! 🙂 Happy Belated Easter momsasaurus!

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