My Parenting Bucket-List

I am responsible and practical to a fault. I like to keep things in a ridiculous state of tightly-controlled order and cleanliness. Some people may refer to such a person as a “control freak.” I also have a toddler and a baby. You can probably imagine how well those things mesh together.

I find that I am constantly wishing I could “let go” more. Every day I have to remind myself to choose my battles and let my children make mistakes, get dirty, make a mess of the house, just be kids! So I’m putting down in writing this bucket-list of things I want to do with my children. I’m publicly committing myself to not just allowing, but encouraging, these activities and all the mess and chaos and hassle that comes with them.

1) play outside in the rain

2) fill up the sandbox and teach them to make sand castles

3) go camping, in the backyard and for real

4) build Lego cities that take up the entire living room and let them keep said city up to play with for several days

5) do art projects involving paint, glue and even glitter. On a regular basis.

6) make cities out of mud and drive toy trucks through them

7) decorate Christmas cookies with lots of frosting and sprinkles

8) dye Easter eggs

9) let them help me cook dinner

10) build blanket forts in the living room

5 thoughts on “My Parenting Bucket-List

  1. All of the above are some of my favorite memories as a kid. I highly encourage this list! Let me know if you need help. Setting up or cleaning up!

  2. The list will help you “let go” and just have some loving memories and laughs. From one “clean, control freak” to another let go…be the fun Mom, and thank God for the existent of soap and water. Lol

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