Your Weekly Zoey: The Illustrator

Remember when I posted about how Zoey has started telling us “stories” about her day and dreams and make-believe dogs and whatnot? Well now there are visual aids:

Zoey's Drawing

I am so proud of this drawing, I can’t even tell you. This is a huge milestone. There are faces! And discernible shapes! Not to mention the storyline that goes along with them all.

Zoey's Drawing - Bird

This started out looking like a purple snowman. Zoey told me “It’s a man! He needs legs.” As soon as she drew the legs she proclaimed, “It’s a bird!” I asked if she would like me to draw a branch for the bird to stand on. After she watched me draw a couple of leaves, she decided to add her own purple leaf. Zoey then told me, “He’s a sad bird.” When I asked why he was sad, she replied that it is because he is hungry. So we drew some birdseed and worms and the bird was proclaimed happy.

Zoey's Drawing - Spider

Next, Zoey drew a circle, intending to make a purple sun modeled after the one I had drawn for the bird. After adding a couple sunbeams, Zoey decided that, in actuality, it was a spider she was drawing. She then quickly added a face and a web. I believe the orange blob above the web was supposed to be another web with a fly in it for the spider to eat.

Zoey's Drawing - Daddy

This part was pretty funny. It started with me drawing a face with just eyes and asking Zoey what was missing. She directed me to draw a mouth, nose and ears. When we got to the hair I asked, “Short hair or long hair?” and she replied “Short hair. Just like daddy’s.” She then informed me that “Daddy is really tall” (he’s 6’4″). Then “Daddy needs clothes. A brown shirt with long sleeves. He’s going to work.” (Zach does indeed wear long-sleeved earthy tones to work regularly). She also chose the orange pants, but I’m not really sure where the inspiration for that particular color came from. Perhaps she was trying to spice up his wardrobe a bit.

Zoey's Drawing - Fish

This last part I am so super proud of. That is the BEST face I have ever seen her draw. Two eyes right next to each other and of fairly equal size, a nose and a mouth – both in anatomically appropriate places. I wasn’t there when she added this part to the picture, so I didn’t get the story behind what it’s supposed to be, but to me that is a pretty spot-on representation of a fish.

I just love seeing the way the little gears are turning in her head come to life. This is magic, you guys. Pure magic.

2 thoughts on “Your Weekly Zoey: The Illustrator

  1. I just found your blog through my WordPress feed. Mind if I ask how old Zoey is? She’s obviously outgrown the “Chicken Scratches Period”, which my 22 month old is currently exploring. Yet she hasn’t yet entered the “I Only Draw Princesses and Flowers and Rainbows Period,” which is in my 4 year old’s current artistic repertoire.

    1. Hi there and welcome to Momsasaurus! Zoey will be exactly 2.5 on the 21st of this month. We still have a lot of “chicken scratch” but I’m excited to see that we’re finally getting to some realistic representations. Butterflies and rainbows! Oh I’m so excited for 4 years old! We’ll have to teach her to throw in some dinosaurs and race cars too though… 😉

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