Eleanor at 28 Weeks: You Are My Sunshine

My darling Ellie, your joy for life overwhelms me sometimes. You are so happy all the time. My particular favorite is the enormous smile you greet me with every time you wake up. Even that one time when I put you in the swing for a nap and didn’t buckle you in and came back to find you on the floor with your head between the bars that hold up the swing. Sorry about that, by the way. Don’t worry, we’ve retired the swing so it won’t be happening again. Anyway, even that time you gave me such a huge grin!

storytime with Papa

As of last Saturday you are fully crawling. Up on hands and knees and no one can stop you. You go over things, under things, through things…but rarely around them. You are delighted when I put you in the doorway jumper so I can take a shower – you love to jump freely and your legs are very strong! So strong, in fact, that you also pulled up to standing all on your own for the first time on Wednesday. Yes, you want to be just like Zoey and do everything she does so badly that I think you’ll be walking well before your first birthday. I wonder if they make helmets that would fit your minuscule little head…

4 thoughts on “Eleanor at 28 Weeks: You Are My Sunshine

  1. Awww! I could learn a LOT from Eleanor…that picture of her with daddy made my heart melt. I know a mom’s role is important, but good fathers are…VERY unsung, I think! #BabysRule

    1. I agree, great daddy’s are very important. That picture is Eleanor with her daddy’s daddy (grandpa). Eleanor has a fantastic daddy and I know he learned a lot from his dad.

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