Eleanor at 6 Months

Oh Eleanor. My sweet, sweet Ellie.

I was just re-reading your 12 week old post, comparing then to now. My darling girl, I have never met a happier, smiley-er baby. First thing in the morning, I walk into your room and you greet me with the hugest smile. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is to start my day, every day, receiving that smile. Even when you are exhausted, hungry, having tummy troubles, or meeting a brand new stranger person, you always find a reason and a way to let that smile through. Lord, but I could learn a lot from you. I hope you never, ever lose that beautiful approach to life.

Ellie Big Smile

You now sleep flat on your back, in a for-real honest-to-goodness baby crib. No more bassinet, no more finding ways to keep you upright all night to help decrease the reflux. All those tummy troubles seem to be a thing of the past, even with me slowly adding dairy back into my diet. You still spend a good amount of time sleeping in your swing because you love to be rocked by it and it helps you to fall back asleep when you wake after a forty-five minute sleep cycle. I don’t mind, really. You still have plenty of time to learn to sleep always in a bed. You also love your new mobile. It has become a good way to get you back to sleep as well, rather than using me as a pacifier all the time. You love to suck on a small afghan while you sleep, although it makes me cringe to think of how furry it must make your mouth feel. When you’re really upset, that blanket helps to soothe you right away.

Ellie Sleeping

You are truly good and crawling now. Up to sitting from lying down and then up onto your hands and knees, sometimes one knee and one foot. Then you rock forward and back and finally begin to scoot-drag yourself forward. It helps to have an enticing toy in your view to motivate you but, really, you tend to view just about everything as an “enticing toy” these days. You range is somewhat limited, however, in that you are often thwarted by the lack of traction on the hardwood floors. Perhaps this is the real reason you keep taking your socks off…

You are a good eater when it comes to solid foods. Already you eat a bowl of rice cereal in the morning and can devour a full jar of babyfood at dinner, with some mum-mums on the side. Your favorite food in the whole world is peaches, but prunes or pears will also do. Squash and sweet potatoes are tolerable, but you do not like peas. You are experimenting with a couple different sippy and straw cups to try to drink some breastmilk, but have not yet figured out how to actually drink from any of them. Despite this extra food intake, you have not decreased your nursing at all.  In fact, for several days last week you were nursing every two hours around the clock. While exhausting, this is good. At your latest check-up you weighed in at 13 lbs, 6 oz which puts you at the 7th percentile for weight – up from the 3rd percentile! I’m so proud of the little bit of chub starting to show on your thighs. At 25 inches tall you only hit the 15th percentile for height though – sorry about that. I’m afraid that’s just my genetics showing through.

Smiley Ellie

Speaking of genetics…those eyes! That hair! I cannot ever express how much I love looking into your beautiful blue eyes – so exactly like your grandmother’s – and knowing I will always be able to see that special piece of her there in you. You also have her blonde hair. Very, very blonde hair. Sometimes I look at you and think, if I hadn’t grown you myself I would seriously question whether you are mine! You are so beautiful, made all the more so by your sweet disposition.

Happy Ellie

One thing you have inherited from me, however, is your temper. When you are mad, you are really MAD. Just like me, your temper can flare up in a second – hot as a raging volcano – and just as quickly it is gone and life is all sunshine and rainbows again. I actually admire this in you. Your feelings are so transparent and honest, and you don’t hold grudges or dwell on unhappy moments. Which is lucky for your sister. She loves you so much, but inevitably there are times that she knocks you over, hugs you too tight and too long with her hair in your face, or snatches your toys away because…well, she’s two. You are always quick to forgive and grace her with a loving smile. Which is probably why she loves to sit down next to you, put her arm around your shoulders and state, “Eleanor is my best friend.”

Couch Sisters

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