Murder on the Skansonia!

Phew, what a weekend!

Saturday night was Zach’s company party for his work. They hosted a murder mystery dinner aboard the Skansonia (a really old ferry boat). For those who have never been part of a professional murder mystery dinner before, it’s pretty fun (if you like cheesy, overly dramatic, pun-filled fun. And I do). Basically, there are a bunch of actors helping to set the scene and drive the storyline while you eat your dinner. In this case it was a 1920’s Brooklyn mobster theme centered around “a murder that may or may not have happened yet.” As you arrive, the actors are all milling about, talking in accents and fully dressed for the part, and introducing their characters to you. Before dinner starts they pounce upon a few unsuspecting victims (i.e. dinner guests. Also known as my husband) and assign them a role to play in the murder mystery. Zach was given a funny  hat and the role of Rat Finkel: professional snitch. He got a binder with a bit of info about his part, including new insights into the murder mystery and goals to complete for each act of the “play.” All of the actors and guests who have been forced invited to act are suspects in the murder and no one knows who the murderer is (not even the murderer, unless it’s one of the paid actors, I guess). So each dinner guest with a role is given some info that can help them solve the murder and they have to go around disseminating that info and/or gathering info from other players. By the end of the dinner you make a guess about who you think the murderer is. Since Zach’s role described him as a person who can find out info on pretty much anyone, we found ourselves in a great position of bargaining away what we knew (basically, nothing) in exchange for what others knew (turned out to be a lot). Which meant our team actually figured out the correct murderer at the end and won the game. Yippee! So good food + interactive entertainment + seeing my husband have to act in public + his work paying for everything so it was all free = a really good Saturday night in my book.

On Sunday Eleanor turned six months old. I promptly went into denial and spent the day wishing I could shove her back in my belly and do it all over again because she is that amazing.

Then Monday was President’s Day. It also happened to be the hubby’s birthday. Which he got to spend at home (no work!) because of the aforementioned holiday. He spent the morning teaching Zoey and I how to play Candyland (ok, he spent 8 seconds teaching us because, really, is there a simpler game anywhere?) and then I baked him a pineapple-upside down cake. (Oh my god, there is so much cake in this house!!!) That evening, a friend came to babysit the kids while my parents treated Zach and I to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. It even had a trapeze aerialist performing live in the restaurant. Pretty cool stuff. The food was delicious, by the way.

At the last minute I decided to take Eleanor along with us. She’s been having a rough time of it in the sleeping department lately, and especially in the evenings. On Saturday, when my parents had babysat for us while we were out trying to determine whether or not Zach had murdered a mobster, I ended up missing the final act (and the reveal of the culprit) because my mom called me home to nurse Eleanor (see previous posts about my anti-bottle baby here. And here. And here.). She was exhausted and couldn’t settle herself to sleep without nursing. I just had a feeling that if I left her at home with our new babysitter, she was going to end up screaming most of the whole time. I wouldn’t enjoy dinner because I’d be worried about the baby the whole time, and then would most likely be called home early to help her anyway. So we were those really awesome parents everyone loves who take their baby out to dinner (late) at a really fancy restaurant.

And you know what? It turned out to be an awesome decision. I kid you not, we got sat next to an entire table full of nannies. Yeah. That really happened. AND Eleanor was completely smiley and happy and charming the entire time. Not a single tear or cry. A couple of the nannies spent most of the dinner cooing at her and even asked to hold her. One of them, who has been a nanny for 14 years, then gave me her contact info for occasional babysitting. !!!!!!

You other moms I’m sure can appreciate the pure gold that this situation was made of. Good babysitters are hard to come by, and it’s always a good idea to have several to call on, just in case. This woman has TONS of experience, and loves babies so much she was making eyes at my infant and asking to hold her in a fancy restaurant on her night off. Eleanor immediately took to her as well and I just got a really good feeling about her, so win-win.

Oh, and I hear Zach enjoyed his birthday dinner too. So that’s good. How was your three day weekend?

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