Your Weekly Zoey: In So Many Words

There are many things you never imagine you will say until you have kids (and even then you don’t realize how crazy you sound until your spouse points it out). A sample of such sayings:

“Zoey, please don’t hit me with your cheese.”

“We do not joke about pooping on your sister.”

Then there are the things that toddlers say. Things that make you laugh hysterically and forget what a pain in the butt they were being two minutes earlier:

“I’m not wonder woman, I’m Zoey Woman!”

In response to Eleanor dropping her toy elephant from her highchair: “Elephant down!”

While crying in the most pathetic way: “I don’t want a pancake tied to my bum!!!”

“Toot in this mommy!” (waving an empty toilet paper roll at me)

When I’m scolding her: “I want daddy to come home. Daddy is my favorite.”

And my favorite: “Here comes Super Mommy!”

Gosh, I love this kid.

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