For the Love of Valentine

Did you all have a good Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Sister 2013

Wednesday night I stayed up late and baked cherry chip cupcakes to surprise Zoey with on Valentine’s Day morning. I had a lot of fun decorating them just for her.

Valentine's Cupcakes

She was so excited when she saw them! I told her she could have a cupcake for breakfast if she wanted (I know, I’m awesome) and she couldn’t get into her chair fast enough. She picked out a smiley face one to eat, I unwrapped it and set it on a plate in front of her and then….she just sat there. And stared at it. Poked the frosting with the tip of one finger. Continued to just stare. I prompted her, saying “It’s ok honey. You can eat it. Enjoy!” Still nothing. “Pick it up and take a bite” I encouraged. She tentatively tried to pick it up – very daintily with just a couple fingers – and then put it back down. “My hands messy. Wash my hands mommy.” Oh. So that was it. I tried awhile longer but could not get this poor child to pick up the cupcake and eat it because she was so upset about the frosting on her hands. I even tried cutting it in half. Eventually I held one half and fed it to her (she thought it was very yummy) before she finally requested a banana for breakfast instead. Parenting fail. I was so excited about surprising her with this sweet treat, but instead ended up overloading her sensory processing neurons and almost pushed her into a meltdown. Poor kid.

After breakfast, the girls and I all stared at each other for about two minutes as I realized we were in for a day of complete and utter boredom. So I called up my mom, invited myself over, and in no time we were off to grandma and grandpa’s house. My mom has a tradition of doing adorable naked baby pictures for each of her grandchildren when they turn six months old, and it was time to do that for Eleanor. A sampling of our photos for your viewing pleasure:

Eleanor 6 months 1

Eleanor 6 months 2

Eleanor 6 months 4

Oh yeah, and then this happened:

Eleanor 6 months 5

If you want to see more of this cuteness (and there is a LOT more!), check out the Momsasaurus facebook page.

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