It Happened One Valentine’s Day

Eight years ago, it was Valentine’s day and I was all in a flutter. I had a date. My first real, grown up date. Not a trip to the movies and dinner at Red Robin with the guy you’re already going out with high-school date. This was a first date with a new guy. A really great new guy. And he was taking me out on Valentine’s Day.

Of course, this really great guy was Zach. He brought me a flower when he picked me up and took me to the Cheesecake Factory, where I appalled him by ordering the expensive equivalent of mac-n-cheese.The date may have been grown up, but my tastes, apparently, were not. I believe he may have said, “That’s what you’re ordering?”

Despite, well, me, the date went well and Zach wanted to see me again. And again and again. I fell head over heels that night, and never looked back. They say when you find the one, you know. I knew. I still know it.

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