Your Weekly Zoey: Tell Me A Story

Is there anything in this world more magical than the imagination of a child? Zoey’s imagination has been growing by leaps and bounds recently, as has her ability to communicate what she thinks about. Suddenly, she’s telling me full-blown stories. Often, these stories are a recap of some part of her day, like going to the grocery store:

“I get the fruit. Apples! I put it in the cart. Put lots of food in the cart! Buy the food. Go to the car. Put on my buckle. I drive home. So fast! I go in the house. I take off my boots…”

The level of detail is both astounding and hilarious, as is her way of telling these stories with so much excitement that you can practically see the exclamation marks as she speaks.

Just this week she has started to elaborate and come up with stories of her own, imaginings created in her head and joyfully shared with me. When I got her up from her nap the other day she started telling me all about a tiny purple dog she had in her hands. His name was Skeeter (the same as grandma’s giant german shepherd) and, as she told me about him, he apparently hopped onto my shoulder and started to lick my face before settling on top of my head.

The smiles and pure joy lighting up her face as her imagination comes to life is one of the purest, most beautiful and amazing things I have ever seen. Is every mother this much in awe of how incredible her kids are? I am so proud of her creativity and so thankful that she chooses to share it with me. Gosh, but I’m a lucky mom.

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