Of Football and Feasting: Midwinter Style

A week or so ago my husband decided we should invite my parents over for Superbowl Sunday. He was really hoping my dad would come watch the game with him so there would be at least one other person with a bit of testosterone in the house who could fully appreciate all the finer points of a football game. To up the chances of their agreeing to come, he decided it would be a great idea to bribe them by offering to cook a Midwinter’s Feast for everyone. Bribe accepted.

My husband is no shabby cook, and this definitely fit the bill of “feast.” We had: cheese, crackers, ants on a log, and broiled carrots to snack on during the game; barbecue ribs, homemade baked chicken tenders, steak bites, an apple and rice salad and roasted fingerling potatoes for dinner.

I was going to make a pear thing for dessert but didn’t get around to. So I pureed the pears into baby food. Go me!

So the feast was great. The kids were…not so great. Eleanor was pretty screamy the whole time. I took her to the doc on Thursday to check for an ear infection because she’d been crying anytime I tried to nurse her on the right side and has had a fever on and off. They said she looked fine, but this weekend she was much worse. Fever is back despite frequent acetaminophen and ibuprofen, she’s clawing at her ears and head (and leaving scratch marks everywhere as a result) and screaming anytime we lie her down in any position now. Which means sleeping is pretty much not happening. So, yeah, she was a peach today. Poor kiddo. Zoey was really sweet and adorable, but did suffer a black eye shortly after halftime. Not sure how that happened – there were no witnesses due to a sudden unexpected blackout.

But, hey, the Ravens won, so all is good.

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