The Metabolism Strikes Back

So many of you may hate me for what I’m about to type, but I’m feeling reckless so here goes:

I have always been blessed with a very fast metabolism. So much so that I spent most of my teenage years and half of my twenties trying to gain weight and maintain a goal above a certain point. Including and especially when pregnant.

cringes…ducks head to allow for flying objects… All clear? Ok, on with my story then.

All my life I’ve been scrawny and underweight (gee, wonder where my kids get it from). Instead of the “Freshman fifteen” I lost weight my first quarter of college and was a very sickly ninety-eight pounds for awhile (seriously, I was sick all the time). When I got pregnant with Zoey I had morning sickness so bad that instead of gaining weight I again lost ten pounds in the first trimester. Then I stayed stuck at that weight until five months pregnant when I finally started to gain.

The weight loss after Zoey was born is all kind of a blur (as is pretty much everything from after Zoey was born until….yesterday?). I know that I was hungry a lot while breastfeeding. I know that the free side order of muffin top they gave me with my c-section took a long time to go away. I know that I will never again fit into the size two jeans I was in before pregnancy. And honestly, I feel that’s a good thing. I managed to hold onto an extra ten pounds of the baby weight which put me squarely at my ideal weight-for-height sweet spot. The four months or so after Zoey stopped breastfeeding and before I got pregnant with Eleanor were the best I could remember feeling in a really long time. I was healthy.

Then, you know, I got myself knocked up again. Once again, the battle to gain weight while pregnant, although this time at least I didn’t lose weight thanks to a lot of anti-nausea medication. And, now here we are: Revenge of the Muffin Tops.

I’ve gotten off on a tangent though; weight isn’t the true topic of this post, it’s the side effect of the true topic, which is my metabolism.

In short: Holy Energizer Bunnies!

My metabolism is so revved up right now it is ridiculous. I’m not really losing weight – that has plateaued thanks to breastfeeding and the added “water weight” (milk weight?) that comes with that. What is happening is a ridiculous appetite. We’re talking a full dinner (with lots of protein) where I eat easily twice the amount I used to. Then, within an hour after dinner I find myself devouring a stack of pancakes and wishing I’d felt motivated enough to make some bacon to go with them. Then a snack (i.e. another small meal) sometime around one or two in the morning. It’s like this all day long people! Amazingly enough, I’m not gaining any weight while eating like this. And then there are the hot flashes. And the insomnia. And sweet baby Jesus could my hormones just mellow the heck out already?!?!

So maybe I should get my thyroid levels checked? Or maybe this is normal post-baby fallout? Thoughts? Input? Commiseration?

5 thoughts on “The Metabolism Strikes Back

  1. Ok, so I have always had the opposite, desperate to stay below a certain chunk status problem… Despite running 30+ miles a week never fitting anything smaller than a size 10. I however was pleased to have a relatively smooth pregnancy with minimal weight gain simply by eating healthy and walking my dog often. Post baby… It is my battle to STOP losing weight! I eat whatever I want whenever I want for the first time in my life. I’m smaller than I have been in ten years and I lost 5 pounds last week because I thought to myself, gee I should stop eating candy as that’s probably not the best type of calories, maybe I should focus on more protein. :(((( I did have my thyroid checked, it’s “normal” I just have a weight LOSS problem for the first time ever. My body is definitely softer than it was prebaby as I have yet to attempt running, but I struggle to feel satisfied when eating and the minute I breast feed I start craving another meal…

  2. I think my entire family has the same problem! The constant eating, needing slim clothes for the kids. My adult daughter and I both wear a size 3. It’s crazy! The insomnia…I’m kind of enjoying. Now, I can get my writing done in the wee hours, catch a little sleep and go all day long with the kids. I’ve never had so much energy! I’m glad you wrote about this 🙂

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