Eleanor at 23 Weeks

You have found your feet and you think your socks are positively delicious.

You also think sweet potatoes are delicious.

When you first wake up in the morning, more often than not, you give me a huge full-faced smile.

You are getting nightly “baby massages” from daddy and I and you really like it.

You no longer scream whenever daddy holds you – I guess all that wearing you in the Ergo and bonding through massage that he’s been doing is paying off.

You still think 8pm is just another nap and bedtime doesn’t really start until midnight. Even when you are clearly exhausted. This is really starting to get on my nerves, by the way.

You love to grab my hair and try to eat it.

Your preferred way to fall asleep is when we lie you on your back in your bassinet and put an afghan on your face. No joke. You seem to think yarn is a great substitute for a binky, and I can’t help but wonder if it ever makes your mouth feel fuzzy. At least I know you can’t suffocate on an afghan.

You crawl sideways. Quite quickly, I may add. Also lots of rolling.

When daddy reads you a “touch and feel” book you reach out and very deliberately touch the different textures on the page. It is truly amazing to watch you.

I keep thinking about how very soon you will be walking and then you won’t be my baby anymore, you’ll be my toddler, and then you’ll be a one year old, and then…oh oh oh. I just can’t take how quickly it’s all going. I want more time with my baby before you’re not a baby!

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