One Fish, Two Fish

We went to the aquarium this weekend, courtesy of a conveniently timed Groupon. Unlike the zoo, the aquarium is not something we do often. The two other times I’ve taken Zoey, she really didn’t have that much interest in it and the adult admission price is somewhat ridiculous ($19.95! For ONE adult!). This time around however, Zoey really enjoyed our little outing. She watched scuba divers dance underwater and received a real flower lei to celebrate “Hawaii weekend.”


She gleefully stuck her fingers in icy tide pools to touch starfish (I’m sorry, SEA STARS. Apparently we’re not just renaming dinosaurs these days).


She waved at sea otters, declared the sea lion “beautiful” and thoroughly enjoyed finding all the characters from the Mr. Seahorse book by Eric Carle.


Eleanor, on the other hand, mostly saw my boobs and the insides of her eyelids.


I think all the excitement and running around was a bit much for Zoey though, because by that afternoon she had fully succumbed to the cold that has been trying to get her for days. We spent the rest of the day snuggling and watching Horton Hears A Who. Something I didn’t mind in the least.


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