Your Weekly Zoey: Colloquialisms of a Two Year Old

“Hey Eleanor! What yooouuuu doin’?”

I hear Zoey say this approximately 24 times a day and it has lost absolutely zero of its cuteness factor. Common variations include “Watcha doing’ daddy?” And “hey mommy what yoouuu doin’ here?” I have not even the slightest idea where these phrases came from, or where she learned to put the emphasis on “you” like Joey from Friends. Imagine living with a toddler who constantly sounds like she’s trying out the worst pick-up lines ever. It’s 100% pure Zoey. I love it.

It’s so fun to listen to her try to “master” English. Her speech is full of endearing misuses and misunderstandings of random words that are impossible to explain to a two year old. Words like “either.” She has also stopped using the word “him” to refer to everyone and now uses “her” quite frequently. That’s not to say that she uses them correctly, just that she now has a bit more variety in her speech. I’m not sure if this means she’s starting to become aware of the existence of two genders or if it’s just her picking up on more subtleties of speech. Thoughts?

She’s also becoming more social. She’s slightly more likely to speak in front of and to strangers now. She’s all about trying to interact with other kids. The other day she waved to a boy (about 11 years old) in the store and said “hi!” loud and clear. I was so proud, and it was really cute to see his face brighten up when he turned to see the funny toddler girl trying to befriend him. She also seems to be just noticing people in general more. While at the library we were headed out the door to leave when a man was coming in. Zoey stopped dead in her tracks and yelped, “Oh no! A guy!” It was pretty hilarious and, luckily, the nice man was a good sport about it.

I am so proud of my funny, witty, silly, charming, sweet, highly verbose kiddo. Every day there’s an interesting new phrase (which, generally, completely baffles me as to it’s origins in her vocabulary), a ridiculous new mash-up of songs or a heart-melting new way to make me feel like the most blessed mom on Earth (such as her new habit of demanding multiple hugs and kisses in an attempt to delay bedtime – all done with the most adorable Cheshire cat grin that just makes me crack up and completely demolishes any semblance of authority I may have once had). How did I get to deserve such a great kid?

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