Kids: The Best Form of Birth Control

Picture this:

I’m exhausted, having been up until after 3am with a fussy baby.

It’s noon, Zoey is in her high chair eating lunch, I’m in the bathroom attending to the urgent needs of a very upset stomach and Eleanor is screaming in her swing because she’s hungry and overdue for a nap. I hurry to finish in the bathroom, grab Eleanor and rush to check on Zoey before going to nurse Eleanor to sleep.

Zoey looks up at me with a shy, wary face and says, “I peed.” Sure enough, there is a huge puddle of pee under her chair and her pants, legs and hands are dripping. I set Eleanor down (still crying) and hurry Zoey to the bathroom, strip her and set her on the potty, and hurriedly clean up the pee. All while reassuring Zoey that its ok, its mommy’s fault for forgetting to put her on the potty earlier. Oh, and Eleanor is SCREAMING with huge tears rolling down her face the whole time. Then pop Zoey in the tub, hose her down, dry her off, and get her dressed in clean clothes all the while trying to shush and soothe a really, REALLY ticked off infant from a distance.

“Just another manic Monday.”

How’s your week starting out? Do you have any parenting moments like this to share?

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