Holy Screaming Babies, Batman! Where Did My Good Sleeper Go?


Ugh. Friday night, Eleanor woke up every forty-five minutes. All. Night. Long. Every forty-five minutes. Need I explain what that does to an adult sleep cycle? Somewhere around 5am I tried asking Zach to see if he could get her back to sleep. Bad idea on my part. Eleanor just screamed so loudly and violently that I still wasn’t sleeping and ended up getting up anyway. When Eleanor wakes up at night she will only go back to sleep by nursing.

I think the cause of all this has multiple parts: teething (Tiny white nubby corner of an incisor? Check), stomach upset (introduction of rice cereal resulting in constipation and ridiculous amounts of gas? Check) and trying to alter her sleep cycle. That’s right, it wasn’t (too) broken but I tried to fix it anyway, and look where it got me. I took my sweet little baby who was sleeping a solid 7-9 HOURS each night from approximately midnight to 8am and said “Hey! Let’s try making that bedtime at a more reasonable hour so I’m not up until almost 1am each night!” Crazy, I know.

Update: It is 3am Monday morning and Eleanor FINALLY just pooped for the first time in about 5 days. Three sets of baby pj’s and two changing table covers later, and I think she’s finally ready for some sustained, comfortable sleep. As am I. Too bad the other kid will be waking up in approximately 5 hours.

5 thoughts on “Holy Screaming Babies, Batman! Where Did My Good Sleeper Go?

  1. Sounds like our house. We stopped using the incline rocker because of the recall. I’m embarrassed to say, we were one of those families that got mold. It was because we had a humidifier going for his congestion. So now we’re using his pack n play and he wakes up fire spitting mad either the minute I lay him down in it or within 15 minutes. I finally got so desperate last night I started letting him sleep in the bed again. I have a cold that just keeps getting worse and finally when the sinus pressure made me sure my head would explode, I decided I couldn’t wake up to a crying baby anymore. I hope we both get a lot more sleep in the near future! Good luck!

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