Eleanor At 21 Weeks: nom nom nom

Look who be eatin’ real food!

Ok, so I use the term “real” loosely, but it’s food! Ahhh! I can’t believe Eleanor’s old enough to eat! Didn’t I just pop her out, like, Friday? Not just old enough, but downright enthusiastic! We gave her rice cereal the next couple of days and she downed several ounces, opening her little baby bird mouth wide and trying to grab the spoon to bring it to her mouth faster. At one point she seemed to be upset that the spoon wasn’t delivering a nonstop stream of food (you know, like mom does). It’s pretty awesome, I have to tell you. A kid who eats! Willingly! And enjoys it!

The extra food in her tummy also seems to be doing wonders for her sleeping. Or maybe it’s the Tylenol I’ve been giving her before bed each night (take that teething!). Whatever. The point is, I’ve been getting sleep! Still not enough of it, but for sure better than waking up every two hours.

Let’s just hope bragging about it on a blog doesn’t jinx me.

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