Daily Acts of Love

A friend of mine, Kelly, is doing something I find truly inspiring, and I wanted to share it with you all.

She calls it Daily Acts of Love and here is her description of it:

“Inspired by Ryan Garcia of Chicago who performed 366 random acts of kindness in 2012, I am committing to doing my own daily acts in 2013. I am calling them Daily Acts of Love as I will be putting my heart into each and every one. My wonderful family – my husband Erik and our 2.5 year old son, Kody – will be taking this journey with me. I invite you to join us!”

That means that every day – Every. Single. Day. – she will be directing at least a little bit of time, thought and energy toward spreading love and joy. How incredible is this idea? How much better would we all feel if we committed a chunk of every day to focusing on love?

If you are as inspired by this idea as I am, here is her website to check out:


You can see what she has already done each day and share your own Acts of Love. You can also “like” her Daily Acts of Love page on facebook if you want to show your support and help spread the idea.

As a little motivation for you, I want to share a brief story. This is a story about a time I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness (love) from a stranger:

I was fifteen, still in high school and had just become an auntie. My older sister and her husband had welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. That sweet baby girl had to be put on life support within minutes of birth and lived only fifteen days. It was a time of heartbreak for our whole family. My sister lived about four hours away from us by car, and during those two weeks there was much driving back and forth between our home and the hospital near their home. On one of these trips my dad had just brought me home from seeing my niece in the hospital and we drove through McDonald’s for a quick dinner. When we got to the window to pay for our food, the cashier told us, “you don’t need to pay. The lady in the car in front of you already paid for your meal.” We were stunned. That woman probably thought she was just doing something sweet to bring a smile to a stranger’s face. She could have no way of knowing just how desperately we needed a reminder of the goodness, the kindness, the love that the world has to offer. Fifteen years later, I still remember vividly the way I felt in that moment. Such a simple act, and yet it has had a profoundly lasting impact on my life.

Who’s life will you impact with your simple Act of Love? Just think: you could be that stranger driving away thinking you’d merely done a kind deed, never knowing that, although you may be anonymous, you just gave someone the only reason they’d had to smile in weeks and you will never, ever be forgotten.

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