So About That Whole “Back To Work” Thing…

I’ve been holding out on you, my loyal blog readers. There’s big news here in the Clegg household. No, I’m not pregnant (internally cringing just at the thought).

Remember when I posted about going back to work?

I quit my job.

The reason was pretty straightforward: Eleanor still won’t eat from a bottle. Eleanor is very tiny, weight-wise (and, you know, just in general). I just can’t leave her, screaming and hungry, for 13 hours two days a week. Ergo, I am now a stay at home mom, at least for the time being.

It was not an easy decision, aside from just the financial aspect. I really do love being a nurse, and I particularly love being a nurse at the specific hospital I was working at. I had a fantastic boss who has been extremely supportive over the past five years that I have worked for her. As it turns out, she is leaving to take a new position at the end of this month as well, so that made the decision a little bit easier. I will miss all my coworkers though. They have been like family to me. In fact, I had more coworkers than actual relatives representing my side at our wedding. I will miss the patients. I will miss putting on my scrubs and using my brain for something more complex than “when was the last time the baby pooped?” and “what are we having for dinner?”

That said, I am also very happy about getting to be here at home for my children. I love that my kids don’t need to be in daycare. I love that I am the one getting to spend all day, every day with them, witnessing every laugh and new experience. I love that I know them inside and out and will have so much time to build a special bond with them before they go off to kindergarten and then first grade. These are a precious few, short years and I want to make the most of the opportunity I have to share it with them.

Our ultimate plan was that I would get to be a stay at home mom for awhile. We didn’t plan on that happening for at least another year or two, but it seems Eleanor is working on a different timeline. While there are so many things I will miss, and this wasn’t a decision I was planning to make quite yet, I can’t say that I’m sad. More excited and grateful really. Which is how I know this is the right decision for us.

So, here’s hoping I can kick the Amazon shopping addiction, finding some nifty new ways to be a frugal mama, and to new adventures in 2013!

2 thoughts on “So About That Whole “Back To Work” Thing…

  1. It sounds like you’re embracing the SAHM life! 🙂 I’m sure it has/will be an adjustment. But a fun one! 😀

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