Of Bedrooms and Mobility

Not the most exciting weekend ’round here, but we got a lot done. Grocery shopping, Target run where I impulsively spent way too much money, two or six loads of laundry…the usual. We also set Zoey’s room up with all my old bedroom furniture, which is fun and adorable and I’m all “I’ve come full circle! Lookit my big girl growing up so fast! Whaaah!” So that’s cool.

Oh, and Eleanor is officially crawling.



BOTH of my babies have crawled for the first time at four months old. BOTH times it has been exactly one day after spending unsupervised time with Grandma. (muttering to self) meddlesome elders…teaching my babies bad habits…grr…where’s my chocolate?

Next time around, I’m tying weights around my baby’s ankles and maintaining constant supervision of all grandparent visitations.

But, seriously, Yay Eleanor!!

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