Your Weekly Zoey: Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Sanity?

Darling Zoey.

I love that you sing now. I really do. Just one little request: PICK ANOTHER SONG ALREADY!!! If I have to hear Baa Baa Black Sheep one more time, I swear I might just serve you lambchops for dinner and explain that there are no sheep left to sing about because you just ate them. Seriously. A mama can only take so much. Even if you do sing it “Have Ye any wool” like you’re medieval or something.

I do love the way you say “Watchya doing?” though. It’s pretty adorable. I also love how excited you are about the “big girl” twin mattress we got you this weekend.

Today you did a 46 piece floor puzzle with minimal help from me – more motivation than help, really. I’m incredibly proud. You are growing up so fast I can hardly stand it!


A portrait of you at breakfast this morning: you scooped up a raisin in the oatmeal your daddy had so nicely made for you, made a grimace and said, “This not my favorite.” I almost choked with laughter. You then scooped up a different raisin, smiled, and said “This my favorite!” Then you ate it. The end.

(Yes, I am back to poor quality phone pictures. This is only 10% due to laziness and 90% due to technical difficulties with the camera. Hopefully those will be fixed soon).

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