Eleanor at 19 Weeks: the Post-Apocolypse Edition

You may be wondering what happened to Eleanor’s 18 week post. My answer: the world ended that day.

Except, you know, it didn’t. What DID happen was an early start to an awesome Christmas.

So let’s see, since the last post Eleanor has had her four month doctor checkup. This just it: my kid is scrawny. Shocking, I know. I actually thought she might be doing slightly better than Zoey was at this age because Eleanor actually has some cute little chub on her thighs and tiny fat bracelets around her wrists. Sadly, no. She’s a whopping 11 pounds and 4 ounces, putting her squarely in the third percentile for weight. THIRD. *sigh* At least she’s not yet to the negative percentiles, as Zoey was for so long. We are definitely headed that direction though. Height-wise she’s about 24 inches, or around the 30th percentile. Looks like she may have inherited my Hobbit genes along with my mom’s blonde hair and blue eyes.

Eleanor Christmas

Along with her regular checkup, we also had a follow-up appointment with the pediatric GI specialist. It seems as if the no dairy / no soy guidelines have really helped Eleanor. So now I’m adding soy back in to my diet and if all goes well dairy will get added back in when Eleanor is around six months old. The doc also told us that from four to six months is the best time to introduce the most highly-allergenic foods in order to prevent food allergies later in life. Combine that with the regular doc’s recommendation to start rice cereal to get Eleanor some iron and it looks like we’re basically set to start solid foods! I can’t believe we’re already at this stage – it seems like she just barely moved past the whole squishy-newborn thing.

Speaking of milestones: we also moved her out of our room. That’s right, Eleanor is no longer sleeping in the swing! She actually sleeps on her back, in her moses basket (tucked inside of a bassinet) like a real baby! We figures as long as we were stuck in the 4 month sleep regression and no one was getting any sleep anyway, we might as well make the transition. I actually had the genius idea to do it the same day as her doctor appointments – after she had received multiple vaccines – and she was so tired she slept great (and so did I!).

It's amazing how happy babies can be when they eat, sleep and poop regularly.
It’s amazing how happy babies can be when they eat, sleep and poop regularly.

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