A Request For More Zoey

There has been a request for “more Zoey” on this blog, from an anonymous source (*cough*Grandma*cough*). Well, while it is not always easy to produce photographic evidence of wild Zoeys as they move quite quickly, it certainly is not difficult to come up with stories to share! As luck has it, this week had provided both.

The other day I took the kids on a walk to the nearby donut shop. Zoey wanted to wear her “jingle bells” (actually reindeer antlers with bells on them) the whole way:

Reindeer like donuts too
Reindeer like donuts too

While on our walk, we stopped by a friend’s house to see their new baby boy who is just a couple weeks younger than Eleanor. Zoey walked right in and made herself at home, taking off her boots, jacket and hat and thoroughly enjoying slobbery kisses from their dog. She then climbed into a wreathe sitting by the front door and declared it her nest:

I tawt I taw a Zoeybird…

On Monday, Zoey spied the nursing cover I had left lying on the couch. She nabbed it, saying she needed to “feed the bunny.” This is what ensued:


Needless to say, I was laughing pretty hard for quite awhile.

Ok, hope that helped with your Zoey fix because coming up this week we have…the Eleanor Birth Story! Fair warning, it will be a long post (but a good one!)

Changing topics….

Through the help of our really fantastic babysitter, I was finally able to find the time to make Eleanor’s stocking for Christmas:

Eleanor's Stocking

Here’s a snapshot of all four of our stockings that I’ve made:


Ok, Santa, we’re ready. Fill ’em up!


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