Ornamental Traditions

We always had this Christmas tradition in my family of a new Christmas tree ornament every year. My mom would find one for each of us every year that described us in some way: rollerblades the year I was really into skating, a mitten because of my chronically cold fingers due to Raynaud’s, three different doves because my name means “white dove of peace.” You get the idea. I loved the surprise of what the ornament was going to be each year. It’s always so much fun to hang those ornaments on the tree and remember all reasons for the different ornaments. Now that I’m grown, it also makes me think of just how much love and thought my mom put into finding just the right ornament for each of us every year.

While I don’t think we’ll be continuing the tradition in exactly the same way – no new ornament for everyone EVERY year – I certainly intend to have ornaments for each special life event. We have one for Zoey’s first Christmas:


and one for Eleanor’s first Christmas:


I’m looking forward to the ones we will get for future children, the first house we own together, when the children start school…so many beautiful memories to hang on our tree every year.

Zach and I have done a lot of talking lately about what we want our annual Christmas traditions to be. With Zoey now 2 years old, whatever we adopt this year will likely become a tradition that sticks for the rest of their childhoods. We’ve committed that, from now forward, we will always do Christmas morning in our own home. It’s just so much easier to maintain the magic that way, which is something we really want to do for as long as possible. We have also agreed that we will not – ever – have an Elf on the Shelf in our house. A bit too much like Big Brother for our tastes. We don’t have a whole lot else set though. What traditions do you do with your kids every year? What really sparks the magic? I’d love some ideas.

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