The Colds That Wouldn’t Die

Ugh. I hate cold and flu season. Although for us it’s really only cold season (knock on wood). As far as I know I have never actually had the flu. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Anyway, yes, we are still battling the SAME cold that we got over Thanksgiving. Zoey continues to have a cough and occasional sneeze but is otherwise doing ok. Eleanor and I though…that’s a different story. I have sinuses that are best described as a rat maze. I actually was scheduled to have surgery to get them fixed when I found out I was pregnant with Zoey so it never happened. So whenever I get a cold – even a minor one – it’s an epic battle to keep it from settling in my sinuses and becoming a raging infection that eventually requires antibiotics.

I don’t know if it’s the coughing and congestion, the 4 month old sleep regression or what, but Eleanor has been waking up every 1 or 2 or 3 hours at night and wanting to use me as a human pacifier. Which means neither of us is getting good sleep. Which means the cold is lingering foorrr-eeevvvv-errrr (anyone seen The Sandlot? Anyone? No? Ok, moving on…).

Seriously, what is up with this kid? She wants a pacifier SO BAD. Anytime she gets my fingers, her fingers, a piece of cloth, any toy, pretty much anything except AN ACTUAL PACIFIER near her mouth, she starts sucking and nomming on it like crazy. It is beyond me why she won’t take the pacifier and just enjoy it already, but she just cries and protests if you try to give it to her. Ridiculousness, I say.

In the meantime, I end up bringing her in bed with us and letting her use me as a pacifier all night just to get some (awkwardly crowded and uncomfortable) sleep. In the morning, she looks like this:

Eleanor in the morning

Little stinker. So pleased that she conned her way into bed with mommy again.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get her to take a pacifier again, PLEASE share them in the comments. Also – how do you transition out of a swaddle? We never had that issue with Zoey since she never tolerated swaddles to begin with. Now that Eleanor is rolling over, I’m thinking it would be a good idea to get her arms free. Also, then she could have her fingers free to suck and chew on. It’s just a matter of getting her used to having her arms free so she doesn’t flail and wake herself up.

Advice! Please! In the meantime, another cute baby picture:

Eleanor Napping

4 thoughts on “The Colds That Wouldn’t Die

  1. I love following your blog:) One of the brands that make sleep sacks allows you to swaddle with the arms free, check out Babies R Us, they have a great selection:)

  2. We started Ethan one arm out then when he was ok with that we did both arms out. Of course he busted out all the time. We had to get his arms out because he was rolling over consistently. The sleep sacks in Elenor’s size still have the swaddle wings you can wrap around her for her to feel snug.

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