Your Weekly Zoey: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella-ella-ella

Elephant Toddler Umbrella

Zoey Umbrella

Do I really need to say anything here? How much cuteness can one picture hold? Seriously!

I think I mentioned that we went to the zoo the day it monsooned here (pretty sure I saw Noah and his Ark somewhere around the penguins…). Not that a full out deluge is a rare thing here. Rainiest state in the West country, actually. Which is why on multiple occasions – including that day – I have found myself wishing for a toddler sized umbrella. Have you ever tried to carry a squirmy toddler in one arm, a bucket car seat with a sleeping baby in the other arm (a baby who you will do ANYTHING not to wake up!), a diaper bag over your shoulder and an umbrella that you’re somehow trying to keep over everybody (without dropping anybody!) while it POURS rain on you? Did I mention the part where you’re trying to get said toddler and baby in and out of the car as well? We were a bit damp by the end of that particular excursion. So when we went to the zoo that night and I saw these adorable toddler sized umbrellas, the impulse to buy one was completely beyond my control. Bonus: the purchase supports the zoo AND I got the member discount so it was about half the price of even the cheapest halfway decent toddler umbrella I’d found on Amazon.

Pathway of Lights

No words can describe as well as this picture does how thrilled my kids are with me when I try to keep them “warm” (read: smother them with so many layers they can hardly breathe). In all truth, this many layers was probably not justified for our walk to the Pathway of Lights since it was still in the 40’s and not even raining.

Big Sister

Nope, she doesn’t like being a big sister at all. Not one little bit.

2 thoughts on “Your Weekly Zoey: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella-ella-ella

  1. Sweet S, one of my most earliest memories aka 1961 when I was a wee bit of a girl…… was being bundled up for snow playing in back yard and could barely move my arms to roll the snow balls into snow people. Mom ended up sewing the mittens to the sleaves because I took them off to cool off when rolling the snow. Loved my mom though for throwing me outside to play alot in the winter. These sweet girls will adoe you too!!! no doubt. Great Great pics!!!

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