Things We Saw

At the neighborhood Pathway of Lights:

4 people in Victorian Dress with giant blue bear heads

1 giant light-up Santa Snoopy in a canoe…out on the lake

1 giant snowman suit with a light inside that gave new definition to “badonk-a-donk butt”

1 dozen floating balloons with LED lights inside

About 50 LED lit balloons decorating trees

1 miniature floating house decked out in Christmas lights.

1 woman who was a little too into her role as an elf at the gingerbread house decorating station. “Oh look! Human children!” um…yeah…

6 very confused and/or frightened looking children at the gingerbread house decorating station

4 Christmas light bedecked boats setting sail

Many, MANY people of all ages -newborn to 90 – wearing battery operated mini-Christmas light strands. Also dogs. Lots of dogs.

5 pathetic barely working “glow stick” bracelets on 4 otherwise unlit and undecorated participants. That would be us, by the way.

2 children bundled within an inch of their lives against the low-40ish degree weather. Again, those would be our children.

And no partridges in our pear tree (but we do have squirrels).


‘Tis the Season for grainy, under-lit camera phone pictures! Happy Holidays!

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