Eleanor: 15 Weeks

Eleanor. Oh Eleanor.

Could you cut me some slack, kid? I specifically asked for a fat, dumb, lazy baby this time around. And what did I get? While you do have a tiny bit of baby chub around your thighs and wrists, at last check up you had actually gained LESS weight than your sister had at that point (and she was in the negative percentiles for quite some time). So fat? No.

Dumb? Not even remotely. You have been bright eyed and highly observant for quite some time now. You have opinions and preferences on EVERYTHING and you are not afraid to voice them. Loudly.

Lazy? God help me, no. You seem intent to follow in your sister’s footsteps on this one – the sister who was actively crawling at 4 MONTHS OLD. You are *thisclose* to rolling over from your back to your stomach. I’m actually suspicious that it’s going to happen for the first time this weekend while I’m at work. I’m pretty sure you’re saving it for then just so that I’ll miss it. You’re ornery like that. I should know – you get it from me.

Speaking of things you got from me…your temper! Sheesh! You get TICKED OFF when we try to give you a bottle. Or a binky. Or when dad holds you and you know mom is around. By ticked off I mean holy-screaming-going-to-wake-the-dead-deaf-people-could-hear-you-very-clearly-mad-sounding screams. And you’ve got stamina. I’ve got to give it to you kid, you know what you want and you demand it. While I do want my daughters to know their own minds and hold others to high standards, could you give us a break here? After all, I did spend 3 DAYS in active labor to bring you into this world (and yes, I will continue to use that against you for the rest of your life. Especially when you’re a teenager. And just before Mother’s Day each year. You’re welcome).

Also, I’m not really sure how much good this whole soy-free, dairy-free thing is doing. While you seem to have less gas, you still have enough to keep you urpy and protesting. Enough that we’re giving you simethicone several times a day. I kind of feel like, if we’re giving you that anyway, maybe I should just go ahead and have a glass of milk. And a chocolate bar. Or ten. And maybe a side of soy-filled vegan donuts from that really, really, REALLY good donut shop a couple blocks away. But just a dozen. Don’t want to overdo it or anything. Although, I have to say, there has been one great benefit to this diet: I have only 9 pounds left to lose to hit my target weight. Woot woot! So thanks for that I guess.


Update: She rolled over! About 3 hours after this post was published. Of course she wouldn’t do it again for the video camera, but she rolled from her tummy to her back! Go Eleanor! Only, you know, not too far. Or too fast.

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