Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Back to Work I Go.

I go back to work on Saturday.

I know that I love being a nurse. I love what I do. I have great coworkers and a truly fantastic boss who has had my back more times than I can count. But, oh, it’s so hard to leave them.
When I went back to work after Zoey was born I was working nightshift. So then, at least, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. She slept most of the time I was gone so it wasn’t *so* horrible that she wouldn’t eat from the bottle. It was always very hard to make myself walk out the door, but once I got to work I really enjoyed being there.

I’m not sure what to expect this time around. I will be missing two whole days out of both their lives every week (I work 12 hour shifts, so I’m gone for at least 13 hours each time). When they’re this little and growing and changing so fast, there’s a lot you can miss in those 26 hours.

I also worry about Zach having to take care of both kids alone all day. He’s only gone to work for 9 hours each day, the first couple of which are before the girls wake up in the morning. Plus, I have the added benefit of being able to whip out a boob to calm Eleanor anytime I need to. Zach, obviously, does not have this same arsenal and will have much longer days with the kids. Also, Eleanor has recently decided to scream anytime I hand her to Zach and nothing he does will calm her. She’s just ticked off that the lady with the milk isn’t the one holding her and instead the man with the dreaded bottle is. He’ll also be faced with doing Zoey’s bedtime alone during Eleanor’s prime scream time. I’m seriously feeling really bad for him the more I think about it.

I have never known any man so dedicated to and involved in the raising and caring for of his children. I done married me a keeper, that’s for sure. I’m hoping Eleanor will get hungry enough to agree to take the bottle without it being a huge battle each time. I’m hoping she won’t scream all day. I’m hoping both girls will even occasionally nap at the same time so my poor husband can have a break.

I’m also hoping this horrid plague cold I have clears up before Saturday. It would be nice if I wasn’t killing everyone with germs while trying to save lives.

In the meantime, got any ideas on how to help Eleanor take a bottle and binky again? Or at least not scream anytime Zach holds her?

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