Over the River and Through the Woods…

To Boma and Papa’s house we go. 513 miles of rivers and woods and mountains and a whole lot of cows. It’s a good thing we love these people because OH MY GOD.

Have I mentioned that Zoey gets carsick? Within the first hour of our 8 hour (not counting stops) drive, Zoey was projectile vomiting in the backseat. This is something we’ve had experience with before, so we had fortunately decided to bring the extra car seat cover with us. Zoey then proceeded to refuse to nap most of the way there, and Eleanor intermittently woke up and screamed in protest at being kept asleep in a car seat all day. It was fun.

I really do love Zach’s family though, and this trip was even more special because his entire family was going to be there (for the first time in several years). Included were three brand new babies: Eleanor and her two cousins, both born on November first to two of Zach’s sisters.

That’s almost too much cuteness for one picture, in my opinion.

One very special moment for me was when Eleanor got to meet her great-Aunt. Eleanor’s middle name is in memory of her  daughter, Annette (Zach’s cousin), who died very young. It was so wonderful to see the way Eleanor just lit up with smiles and coos and gurgly baby talk the first time great-Auntie held her. I think she knew exactly how special this woman is and was trying to tell her so, in her own special baby way.

We spent three days playing board games (most of which we were never able to finish), letting Zoey’s cousins carry her around like a sack of potatoes (much to Zoey’s constant delight!), holding babies, taking family portraits, throwing a baby shower for Zach’s sister who is a first time mom, and eating, eating, eating! The whole Clegg clan was incredibly sweet and creative about finding ways to make their Thanksgiving dishes soy-free and dairy-free for me/Eleanor. I went there expecting to only get to eat turkey and wound up with a plate overflowing with delicious food!

One of our nephews, who will be 2 in a couple months, provided ENDLESS laughs. At one point he wandered off to the kitchen while we were playing a game. A few minutes later we found him with a fistful of chocolate cake. He had been eating it by the handful and when we brought him out of the kitchen he still had the evidence smeared all over his face and a very self-satisfied smile as he licked his fingers. You would think we would have learned, but this exact same scenario played itself out again the next day.

We all had a lot to be thankful for this year.

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